What kind of stabilizer should be used for the dolls?

For the doll, I prefer to hoop a medium weight cut away stabilizer. I then cut a very heavy interfacing, such as Peltex, to fit inside the hoop. If you have the ability to run a basting stitch prior to embroidery, you will be assured that the design will not shift. If you cannot baste the design, a temporary spay adhesive designed for embroidery will also work.


What should I use for the clothing?

For the clothing, I have found that hooping both organza and a tear away/wash away stabilizer (Floriani makes an excellent one) works the best. For the best result, put the stabilizer on top.

Once the doll and clothing are done, cut closely but not into the stitches. I usually tear the stabilizer away, which allows me to cut very closely to the organza. Some people even use a burning tool to melt the last bit if stabilizer.


How do I attach the clothing?

Aileens makes a product, Tack it Over, that works very well to keep the clothing on the dolls. It looks like white glue but dries with a slightly tacky finish. I don’t use a lot, just enough to keep the clothing on. It can be found at most craft stores.


How do I cover the back of the dolls and clothing?

You can use the doll and clothing as templates. Cut out interfacing and hand stitch to the design. If you use transparent thread, it will not show.


How do I keep the dolls and clothing clean?

You can fill a sink with some warm water and a little shampoo. Soak the designs and then swish them around. Do not wring them, but blot them with a towel and then dry between dry towels. If necessary, they can be lightly pressed.